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repairs and modernizations


Repairs, modernizations & conformity certyfication

Right technical attendance is necessary to normal and productivity work. Depending on age, technical state and place where the crane works we propose different systems solutions.


We realize actually renovations but also fundamental repairs of cranes, jib cranes, hydraulic platforms and other mechanisms close transport. We repair the most often:

● repairs of mobile cranes, jib cranes, hydraulic platforms

● repairs paths cranes and jib cranes

● rectification subgrade

● regeneration pin and roads wheele


Claims which are required from machines often are changed together with growth production. Thanks for modernization the cranes can labour better and more effective. We modernization the most often:

● escalation hoisting capacity

● extending paths hoists

● scaling up cranes and jib cranes

● escalation crane radius

● transmitting cranes and fitting to new localization

● transmitting and modernization cranes tracks

● modernization power systems and control cranes

Conformity certifications


Depending on type crane You should have a specyfic certificate and technical documentation. Each machine which is manufactured by Dzwigopol Prim has full folder with documentes. Thans for us You can have all documentes and certificates for machines whose weren’t  manufactured by D┐wigopol Prim.


Conservations, technical survey, periodical survey

We grant claims included in regulations and we provide continous technical survey.
We offere conservatory protection. Thanks for it ever failures and errors in work will be fast delete.

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