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Jib cranes

 The stationary cranes are perfect to bring up, transport and turn around the slewing mast of load. The stationary jib cranes are met on the remont places and on the work centes the most often. The walking or post cranes the most often are supplied to reloading or loading becouse they have uniwersal grips, vacuum handling machines or special lifting slings.

The types of stationary jib cranes

żurawie słupoweThe post cranes are demended a few for assembly places. This type makes possible bringing up of high loads.

The walking cranes are assembled to carrying construction. This type of jib crane serves a function identical such as post crane but this type has limited turn. The quality this solution is limited places which occupy space of crane. The construction often is assembled to pillar and not limites transport streets. But use the walking crane is limited for strength of carrying construction.

If You want see concrete model of jib crane please click here 

  zuraw do niskiej zabudowy   żuraw z obrotem ramienia o 360 stopni   żuraw słupowy   żurawie przyścienne do niskiej zabudowy żurawie przyścienne


Mechanism of bringing up load

wciągnik elektryczny do niskiej zabudowyHoist supplied three-phase current is the most efficient mechanism. They can work in machine with big intensifying work and also at bringing up load about big mass. They can occur with single and two-speed motor.

Hoist supplied single-phase current are perfect in crane with small intensifying work and at transport of load for 500 kg.

Manual hoist this solution is used at bringing up load for 500 kg. It’s a very low mechanism and is used only in repair shop.




Supply of jib cranes

zasilanie karniszowe żurawi, sterowanie bezprzewodowe żurawiTrolley feeding. Quality is a small cost but it’s suggested solution not always. The trolley ducts are checked well in short or high underslung girder. It’s indicate that the duck hangs over the draft transport.

Busway feeding. It’s a modern solution which eliminated problem of  hanging under the crane ducks. Instead of traditional ducts we used a special profile which have vascular bundle. For vascular bundle moves truck which supplying gets back. This solution is simply, forcefull, without breakdown, expensive than traditional a few, but esthetic and safety. More informations...



Control of jib cranes

sterowanie bezprzewodoweCable control it’s the most simply solution. This solution is perfectly in light gantry cranes with small work range. The cable control can’t be used when is probably that the hanging cables will be cut off.

Radio remote control it’s ideal solution becouse is safety and confortable. They havn’t defectes such as cable control.  Machine operator has full freedom of movement. Radio controllers are supplied of batteries. Thanks for this solution the  work will be more productivity. More informations…


Jib cranes for low building

żurawie do niskiej zabudowyJib cranes for low building are perfect in low hall. This type are used to assembly in transport streets. High bringing up of point is guaranteed for charactristic outrigger crane jib and special hoist construction. The hoist is from the side the outrigger crane jib. In traditional solution there the hoist is under the outrigger crane jib.

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