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suwnice bramowe - wciągarki bramoweThanks for gantry cranes You can bring up, leave the load, transport loads longways girder and also thanks for light construction and wheel set You can make positioning and delivery movementes hoisting winch with underslung load. Mobile construction causes that gantry cranes can work in all places. They are not limited for one place. Gantry cranes can serve as bring up, load and transport machine.

The light gantry cranes are necessary in hall and work places. Thanks for this machines Yours work will be safety. The great quality is mobile, they can stay in all places. Moreover at short time You can transmite gantry crane everywhere You want. 




Mechanism of bringing up load

wciągarki elektrczne do suwnicHoist supplied three-phase current are the most efficient mechanism. They can work in machine with big intensifying work and also at bringing up load about big mass. They can occur with single and two-speed motor.

Hoist supplied single-phase current are perfect in crane with small intensifying work and at transport of load for 500 kg.

Manual hoist this solution is used at bringing up load for 500 kg. It’s a very low mechanism and is used only in repair shop.



Supply of light gantry cranes

Trolley feeding. Quality is a small cost but it’s suggested solution not always. The trolley ducts are checked well in short or high underslung girder. It’s indicate that the duck hangs over the draft transport.

Busway feeding. It’s a modern solution which eliminated problem of  hanging under the crane ducks. Instead of traditional ducts we used a special profile which have vascular bundle. For vascular bundle moves truck which supplying gets back. This solution is simply, forcefull, without breakdown, expensive than traditional, but esthetic and safety. More informations…

Controls of light gantry cranes 

Cable control it’s the most simply solution. This solution is perfectly in light gantry cranes with small work range. The cable control can’t be used when is probebly that the hanging cables will be cut off.

Radio remote control it’s ideal solution becouse is safety and confortable. They havn’t defectes such as cable control.  Machine operator has full freedom of movement. Radio controllers are supplied of batteries. Thanks for this solution the  work will be more productivity. More informations… 

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